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Grooming product reviews

Khadi neem and tea tree facewash review

Today, I am going to review khadi neem and tea tree facewash,I used it quite for sometime to check weather it works in ny acne or not.

It comes in a transparent bottle with a flip cap,Some of the batches cap is too tight,Packaging is good but not at all travel friendly.
Consistency of product is like a thin gel,It's not too thick or runny, Texture is light yellow,Small quantity is enough to wash face off,Fragrance is natural but it may be likable for some people and some may dislike it,All it depends on do you like tea tree fragrance or not.

Price:250rs for 210 ml

Ingridients:aloevera,tea tree,neem extract,glycerine,lemon oil,basil,turmeric.

My experience with this facewash was quite good,It has all natural infgidient,No SLS or parabens,After using this facewash,I feel it cleanses skin well but it makes your skin dry except t-zone area where my skin is oily,It can stop new pimples from coming but I observed that it has no effects on existing pimples.
This facewash will not foam much…

Aroma magic activated bamboo charcoal face pack

Face cleansing is important regime for skin routine.
Today I m going to review aroma magic charcoal face pack.
Packaging comes in tube formband it's Easy to use,Facepack has creamy consistency and texture is black in colour
Apply evenly all over face and leave it for 15 min and wash it off,You will not feel any dryness or strechness.It's little bit expensive product
Pricing is around 430rs for 100gm of product

Last year ,I ordered aroma magic charcoal facepack.Its ingridients list is quite good ,It contains charcoal powder,essential oil ,bamboo,aloe,,seed oil and aqua.Packaging also looks attractive.
It is helpful in removing dirt and pollution out of the skin,You will start feeling the effect after first use.It is a quite good exfoliator but skin tightening effect will be felt after prolonged using of this pack.It gives glow on face but it don't lasts long.
I would recommend it using once a week,It cleans the pores and shrinking effect is also there after few uses.
It's ingredients list is completely natural and vegan.
Cleansing and exfoliation part is quite good.
It does not over dry the skin,So even dry skin people can use it
Its for all skin type.
Sometimes after washing also,It leaves stains,So you have to wash face very carefully
Its quite expensive
Glowing effect is there but it lasts only one day
I doubt on it's skin lightening claim .
Available in some stores is there but easy availability is online sites.
Rating: 4/5


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